Manghanmal Udharam College of Commerce

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Maharashtra, India

Green Campus Initiative


  1.  To direct the Staff and the students to use vehicles that hold a PUC(POLLUTION UNDER CONTROL) certificate
  1. Motivating staff and students to use electric vehicle.
  1. Motivating staff and students to use public transport as far as possible.
  1. Conducting awareness programs for environmental protection and conservation.
  1. Keeping the college premises clean on daily basis and segregating dry and wet waste as per the requirements of the local municipal corporation.
  1. Developing and maintaining vermiculture pits for wet waste
  1. Disposing off electronic waste by following the buyback policy.
  1. Developing paper management system such that there is optimum use of the paper.
  1. Attempting to plant and name, as far as possible, such plants that have medicinal value.
  1. Creating awareness among staff and students about environment protection.
  1. Restricting the use of plastic on the college campus to the extent of such objects as permitted by the Government of India.
  1. Creation of an office that uses paper only when required or uses minimum when indispensable.
  1. Maintaining beautiful green landscape
  1. Developing and maintaining rain water harvest system using roof and surface water catchment.
  1. Cleaning of drinking water equipment after every 3 months
  1. Ensuring no wastage of water either due to overflowing of underground or overhead tanks and well maintained water taps.
  1. Regular review of the existing infrastructure and its periodic as well as need based maintenance.

Various measures adopted for Energy Conservation & renewable Energy:

  1. Usage of LED tube lights and bulbs
  2. Installation of Solar system as an alternative and renewable source of energy.
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